La acción constitucional de HABEAS CORPUS en el Sistema Penal Acusatorio


  • Fernando Alonzo Valdés Licenciado en Derecho y Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad de Panamá Posgrado en de Derecho Procesal Penal (Principios Constitucionales del Sistema Penal Acusatorio) del Instituto de Estudio e Investigación Jurídica (INEJ) Posgrado – Especialización en Sistema Penal Acusatorio de la Universidad de Panamá Especialización en Sistema Penal Acusatorio - ISAE Universidad; Maestría en Sistema Penal Acusatorio - ISAE Universidad; Especialización en Docencia Superior - ISAE Universidad; Maestría en Docencia Superior - ISAE Universidad.; Ha ocupado diversos cargos en el Órgano Judicial de Panamá desde su ingreso en el año 2003.


The freedom is a fundamental human right. As a protected legal right, it occupies a place as important as the right to life. However, the right to liberty is not absolute, it can be restricted as long as you comply with certain legal formalities and comply with due process. In this article we will review the main aspects of the habeas corpus procedure, as a constitutional action that protects the right to Liberty, what is the object of this action and understand that it is not an ordinary resource of the criminal process.   It is a review of the historical background of the recognition of the right to freedom, how it is regulated in the Panamanian constitution and laws, and how it is currently processed under the accusatory system.

Key words:  Freedom, human rights, constitutional law, legality, due process, order, powers, accusatory.